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Quantum Technology – Bala Cynwyd PA

Quantum Technology offers a wide variety of services that include liquidation, asset recovery and the sale of data center equipment. This company was founded in Philadelphia, PA 30 years ago and has since grown to serve customers nationwide.

QTC developed a new generation ALL METAL helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system that fits into a 10×12 ft room. This system is now being installed at leading universities and labs.

Data Center & Laboratory Decommissioning

Founded 30 years ago, Quantum Technology is a diversified company, with a specific focus on purchasing and reselling Data Center and Laboratory equipment. It is a full-service company that can handle all phases of decommissioning a data center, including the strip out and disposal of equipment. This includes the removal of halon, FM-200, Freon, lead acid batteries, obsolete cabling, diesel waste and e-waste.

Recently, Quantum completed the test of its advanced mobile helium purification and liquefaction system, which can produce several hundreds of liters per day of liquid hydrogen for transportation in a dewar. The unit can be transported easily by land, air or sea.

It has also completed an 80 liters per day helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system for cold spray (metal deposition) process for another US university. Designed to work with a host company’s existing helium supply, it uses the QuantumPure CS TRIGAS liquefaction and gas management platform. It combines all the necessary processes into a small 10×12 ft room.

Liquidation & Asset Recovery

Whether you are upgrading your data center, looking to build or enhance your laboratory, or you need to sell used equipment, Quantum Technology can help. We offer retail, wholesale and asset recovery services for all types of data center and lab equipment. We have a large inventory of electrical and mechanical components from breakers to mega watt generators, as well as laboratory casework and hoods. We also carry a wide variety of other products. We are dedicated to giving back to the community, and a portion of our profit is shared with local charities.

In connection with the Business Combination, neither the HighCape Board nor any committee thereof has obtained an opinion from a financial institution regarding the fairness of the purchase price to HighCape from a financial point of view. This opinion is not required in connection with a transaction under the Exchange Act. HighCape is not required to obtain such an opinion. HighCape believes that the valuation of Quantum-Si is appropriate and has been independently assessed by its Board and management.

Generators & Electrical Equipment

Quantum Technology offers a wide inventory of generators and electrical equipment, including laboratory casework, hoods and more. The company also provides electrical services for commercial and industrial clients in the Philadelphia area. They are committed to giving back to the community and donate a portion of their profits to charitable organizations.

They recently commissioned a helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system for NASA to reduce the cost of testing critical spacecraft components. This system uses a state-of-the-art All Metal concept and fits all of the gas processing equipment into one small 10×12 ft room.

Other projects in the works include a portable hydrogen liquefier for transportation applications. This device is designed to produce several hundred liters of liquid hydrogen in a transportable dewar. They are also assisting in green hydrogen projects by supplying a range of technologies from electrolyzers to liquefaction. The resulting hydrogen can be easily transferred to fuel cells, providing the basis for carbon-free, clean energy.

Laboratory & Data Center Equipment

Data Centers and laboratories often have a lot of extra power equipment. A UPS unit is a very common item for laboratory power applications. These units are large enough to power the entire lab if needed. They are also very easy to install and can be kept close to the equipment they are powering.

Quantum Technology commissioned a fully automated, stand-alone helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system for the metal processing industry based on its proprietary technology. This essentially eliminates the need to buy this expensive, noble and non-renewable gas, saving a significant amount of money.

CU’s new advanced mobile hydrogen liquefier produces several hundreds of liters per day of fuel cell quality liquid hydrogen for transportation in dewars, making this process carbon-free. Several other green hydrogen projects are underway in Europe, using natural gas and bio-mass. These systems range from electrolyzers to liquefiers.

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